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In 2005, the ruling grand coalition of CDU and SPD announced plans to punish customers of forced prostitutes, if the customer could reasonably have been aware of the situation. [ 59 ] In April 2009 it was reported that the plans would provide for a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. [ 60 ] The law had not been enacted when the center-right CDU-FDP coalition came to power in November 2009.
Inside a Prague Brothel, Where Sex Is Free If You Perform for the Web.
Inside a Prague Brothel, Where Sex Is Free If You Perform for the Web.
In her book Big Sister , photographer Hana Jakrlova explores an internet sex club in Prague where the clients get to have sex for free as long as they agree to let their exploits be filmed and broadcast live across the web.
"To me it seems like an extreme example of what is happening to all of us in this internet age," says Jakrlova, who splits her time between Prague and New York. "There is an absurdity where some people have to have it online to have it become real or exciting."
Beyond making her struggle with the notion of over-sharing, Jakrlova says the project also challenged her as a photographer and as a woman. While the johns always seemed to behave themselves, she says the acts that played out were hard to be around. Prostitution is legal in the Czech Republic, but that doesn't make it any less exploitative, she says.
"I was battling certain feelings of guilt, sort of like a war photographer," she says. "Are you a witness or are you going to be the one who throws away the camera and is going to help the person who is wounded."
The book is titled after the name of the club, Big Sister, which closed in 2010. Most of the photos were taken between 2006 and 2007. Jakrlova says not all the interactions she witnessed at the club felt staged. There were moments of real affection between the clients and prostitutes, but the fact that those moments were broadcast online always qualified and relativized them, she says.
"There were real moments of humanity," she says. "But overall I found it quite depressing."
Several of her other photos also make clear how much the web cameras stick out. There is no attempt to hide or disguise them and instead they become part of the scene. The cameras are not only characters in the action, they also redefine the definition of client and prostitute, says Jakrlova.
Because the internet viewers are the only ones who are financially involved, it changes their role in the relationship, she says. In many ways it makes the viewers the johns and makes the real johns part of the prostitution.
"Hopefully the viewers of my work will go beyond the fact that I just photographed prostitution because that was not the reason I did it," Jakrlova says. "This explores a lot of issues including who is the prostitute and the prostitutee."
For Jakrlova, this type of service is indicative of a larger, ominous trend of broadcasting more and more intimacies across the globe via the internet.
"I really do believe that instead of enhancing our lives, the process of sharing online is banalizing our experiences to a certain degree. It takes a conscious effort certainly on my part to be not be wrapped into it and to keep perspective. The virtual world in my opinion will always be secondary. Like the Buddhists say, 'Here, now.'"
In her new project, Jakrlova says she's continuing her exploration of how sharing affects the way we experience a moment. The project consists of pasting multiple but altered copies of a single photo side by side, creating a whole new aesthetic. For her it represents the importance people place on sharing an experience instead of engaging with it.
"Some of us forget to pay attention to the original moment," she says. "And therefore we risk losing the authentic slice of reality."
Hana Jakrlova, who is represented by Eric Franck Fire Art in London, will have her work displayed in two upcoming shows in Berlin and Prague.
Selling Sex in the Reich: Prostitutes in German Society, 1914-1945.
Cornelie B., born in 1890, was first arrested for prostitution in 1907. After numerous encounters with the police and internments in various institutions, her last recorded interview with the authorities dates from 1940. Her story, which is told in the prologue of Victoria Harris’ revealing study, is compelling and well worth returning to in the light of the concluding chapter. Her troubled life is in fact indicative of the history of prostitution in industrialised urban Germany between 1914 and 1945; it is as much the story of an individual woman as of state interference.
Harris, a research Fellow in history at King's College, Cambridge, uses micro-historical approaches to unravel the myths we tend to associate with prostitution. Her study, which focuses on Hamburg and Leipzig, serves as a reminder that political and social shifts work long term, with the First World War as a shared European turning point in perceptions of and dealings with prostitution.

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