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The Second Industrial Revolution was a phase of the larger Industrial Revolution that occurred in the later half of the 19th century until WWI.The new innovations and markets affected economic and social life through an increase in standard living and population growth throughout Europe.
new sources of power.
strong government policies.
Alexander graham bell.
patterns in industrial economy.
west= minimal industrialization.
impact on society: population growth & urbanization.
pop. increased from 270 million to 460 million.
due to rising birthrates & declining death rates.
medical discoveries & environmental conditions.
growth in pop. & factories.
industrial working class lived comfortably while the regular working class lived in horrible conditions.
lower class benefitted from the right to vote and new schools.
impact on society: women in the labor market.
white collar jobs.
caused by development of larger industrial plants and expansion of government services.
opportunities for women to be secretaries and telephone operators & health and social services.
lower class women were forced to become prostitutes.
working class girls who had no family and were often naive only had prostitution as an alternative.
was licensed and regulated by gov't authorities.
"Contagious and diseases acts" (1870's and 80's)
prostitutes who were infected were often confined in "lock hospitals"
politics: socialist parties.
lack of revolutionary fervor led some socialists to anarchism.
prominent in less industrialized and democratic countries.
believed people were born good but then corrupted by the gov't.
With the success of the Second Industrial Revolution, many Europeans fell under the belief that they had entered a new age of progress and prosperity. New inventions such as the telephone, the lightbulb, and mass transportation allowed citizens to freely enage with one another and discover different forms of leisure activities. Through this era, European governments finally began appeasing their workers through social insurance (protection against accidents, illness, and old age). The increase in population and standard living are two important proofs of the effects of the Second Industrial Revolution.
TG rides along with the Carabinieri.
I am Jason Bourne. I am Bullitt. I am in the middle of a real-life Hollywood car chase. I am terrified.
On a sultry, sweaty autumn afternoon, TopGear is flying through the jam-packed streets of Rome, pursued at close quarters by a navy Lotus Evora S in full carabinieri livery, its blue lights flashing manically as it darts in and out of our rear mirror.
Scooters swerve into the kerb, and Smart cars dive for cover as we blast along Rome’s cobbled roads, past ancient arches and crumbling viaducts.
Words: Sam Philip.
Pictures: James Arbuckle.
This feature first appeared in the December issue of Top Gear magazine.
According to the Immutable Laws of Hollywood Car Chases, we should be behind the wheel of something pluckily iconic but fundamentally unfit for the task: an original Fiat 500, perhaps, or a Reliant Robin. We’re not. In fact, TopGear is in the passenger seat of a vehicle with a far better chance of keeping an Evora S at bay: another identical Evora S, being driven at pace by a policeman called Rocco.
Rocco is wearing excellent sunglasses and scary, shiny black boots. Rocco has a large gun and a pair.
of leather gloves clipped to his belt.
OK, this isn’t technically a car chase. We’re not being hunted down, nor are we on the tail of an underworld chief with a body in the trunk of his Lancia Thema. We’re not on the tail of anyone. This is a dry run, a chance for the carabinieri to get to grips with its pair of box-fresh Lotus Evora Ss. But on the two cars’ very first outing in the Italian capital, they’re letting Rome know who’s boss.
Luckily for Italian criminals, the Evoras won’t be used as standard patrol cars (though 20 minutes wedged in the rear compartment of the Evora while pounding over Rome’s cobbles would surely be enough to deter the casual felon from a life of crime forever). Instead, they’ll be employed for the emergency transportation of blood and organs – the squishy internal bits of body, not the large instruments – all over Italy.
Behind the driver’s seat of each car lurks a refrigerated compartment for keeping lungs, livers and pancreases tasty-fresh. You’re looking at a pair of 345bhp, 172mph, organ delivery vans. Today, mercifully, the Lung Fridge is empty. But, though this is a mere warm-up for the carabinieri, it is still, unquestionably, the fastest method of making progress through Rome in a midweek rush hour.
This traffic is pure, unadulterated, gridlocked carnage. The recognised method for calculating journey times in Rome is as follows: plug your start point and destination into a route finder, multiply its result by 15, add a few hours and then cancel anything you were planning on doing until next week.
Dented, dinged cars jam every inch of road surface, three abreast across single-lane streets, crawling forward in a sticky, honking maelstrom. Average speed is measured in metres per hour, not miles.

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