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Children from Bulgaria Victims of Human Trafficking Most Often.
The Sofia Echo, Jun 28 2007.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Bulgarian children are most often the victims of trafficking and Bulgaria ranks as one of the most active human trafficking places in the Balkans. Women and children are taken out of the country and most often forced to work or are used as organ donors, research of Animus association said as quoted by Novinar newspaper.
Shock human trafficking case.
Agence France-Presse AFP, Sofia , April 20 2007.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Ten Bulgarians involved in trafficking women to France to work as prostitutes have been arrested following a joint operation by Bulgarian and French authorities, the national investigation service said Friday.
Between 2002 and 2005, the group transferred at least 105 Bulgarian girls to France and forced them to work as prostitutes, Ivanova said.
Bulgaria to extradite human trafficking suspects to France.
Agence France-Presse AFP, Sofia , April 12, 2007.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
The five men were allegedly part of an organised crime group involved in trafficking Bulgarian women to France , mainly to the city of Lyon , and forcing them to work as prostitutes. They face between seven and 20 years in prison but will most probably be sent back to serve their sentences in Bulgaria.
80 human trafficking cases submitted to National Security Service in 2006.
[Last access date unavailable]]
"Eighty cases of trafficking in human beings from Bulgaria were submitted to the National Security Service in 2006", NSS deputy director Rumen Georgiev said at a press conference entitled “Action against Trafficking in Human Beings”, a journalist of FOCUS News Agency reported. Twenty-two cases have already been closed. “The number of human trafficking cases is higher than the drug trafficking cases”, Georgiev explained.
Human Trafficking Epidemic In Bulgaria.
Make Way Partners, 27 Dec 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Human trafficking and drug smuggling were epidemic in Bulgaria and Romania , Reuters news agency said. Thousands of women, some of them aged only 13, are kidnapped or tempted with offers for well-paid jobs, and sold into prostitution to human-trafficking gangs every year.
Bulgaria, France Crash Human Trafficking Channel.
Sofia News Agency, 2006.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 4 September 2011]
A channel for traffic in people to France has been crushed by the Bulgarian and French police.
Police in Bulgaria’s Russe and French Marseille acted in close cooperation in crushing the channel. Six people were questioned in the Bulgarian city and 5 homes were searched. A total of 20 cell phones, many personal belongings as well as bank transfers documents were confiscated during the search.
How the new Fagins are bringing child slavery to Britain.
Olga Craig, Bojan Pancevski and David Harrison, The Telegraph, 04/06/2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Two years ago, when she was 10, Dochka lost what was left of her innocence when she was sold to a band of child traffickers by her mother and aunt in Bulgaria . Bewildered and terrified, the little girl was transported to Austria, forced to learn the skills of a pickpocket and put to work.
New arrests on charges of human trafficking in Bulgaria.
The Sofia Echo, Jun 05 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
The actions of Bulgarian police were co-ordinated with Italy ’s top anti-mafia prosecutor Piero Grasso, who is head of Italy ’s anti-mafia operations. This co-ordination was a result of Velchev’s and Petkov’s recent visit to Rome where Grasso asked for their assistance in the fight against people trafficking.
Europe-Wide Human-Trafficking Ring Cracked.
Associated Press AP & Reuters, May 29, 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Authorities across Europe say they have arrested 41 Bulgarians in recent days after Italian police uncovered a trafficking network that exploited hundreds of children. The arrests were in northern Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, and Austria. Italian police say another 75 people have been placed under investigation. Charges against the suspects include enslavement, human trafficking, and drug smuggling.
Corruption and Human Trafficking Hinder Bulgaria ‘s EU Entry.
The Sofia Echo, May 17 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
According to the article, the European Commission report from May 16 meant Bulgaria needed to take urgent action in fighting organised crime if it wanted to join the EU in 2007. The Independent said the report ‘painted and alarming picture’ of Bulgaria as one of ‘Europe’s centres of human trafficking’.
Revealed: kept in a dungeon ready to be sold as slaves.
David Harrison in Skopje , The Telegraph, 27 Nov 2005.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
The women, aged 18 to 24, are from across eastern Europe, lured from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria , with promises of good jobs as waitresses, au pairs and dancers. Instead, they have been forced into modern-day slavery in western Macedonia, locked in the dirty cellar and only summoned upstairs by their masters to perform sexual services for customers who are usually drunk and often violent. When they were found, the victims, some of whom had been "broken in" as prostitutes in other countries on the way to Macedonia, barely knew where they were. They had no idea what the future held but knew that it was beyond their control.

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