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Of the 170 women who later came forward to the South Korean government, claiming to have been abducted by the Japanese military and made to work as comfort women, 57% claimed to have been abducted in Gyeongsangbuk Province. Lee contends the reason for this was “not that Gyeongsangbuk Province is close to Pusan, but rather, that there were many yangban in that area. The comfort women were an extension of the heavy human trafficking that took place in Gyeongsangbuk during the Chosun Dynasty. The use of violence to control the common people and servants, as well as poverty among the servants and commoners, was the worst wherever the yangban were the most numerous. As a result, it became virtually impossible for maidservants to set up normal, ethical households, and many were forced to sell their daughters into prostitution.”
Lee then shifts the debate over the Japanese control of the Korean Peninsula. He quoted from an essay written in 1934 titled, “The Daughters Who Are Sold Off,” which stated that there were many parents in Korea who sold their daughters—at a time before the comfort woman system even existed.
“The classmates of a girl of 15 living in Daegu who was sold by her 37-year-old father for 160 yen were raising money for the mom-kkap (money to buy someone into or out of prostitution) in order to get her back. Throughout the Orient, it is in no way a rare thing for parents to sell their daughters…. It is also not unheard of for men to deceive other families’ wives and daughters and sell them into prostitution, or for a husband to sell his own wife into prostitution…. It is a profitable business for both sides—the ones who sell the women, and the ones who buy them. These women go on to be what are known as geisha, licensed prostitutes, drink-pouring girls, and concubines.”
The First Restrictions on Prostitution.
The following article appeared on March 28, 1939, in the Maeil Sinmun , a newspaper published in Korea:
A weeping daughter told the police of the story of her parents, blinded by greed, trying to sell her. It was worse than death, she said.
The daughter, who had been working as a kisaeng , was almost sold by her parents after they accepted 1,300 yen from a certain Shin, who ran a brothel in Manchuria. But she fled to the police, saying that she was unable to work as a prostitute selling her own flesh. The police have summoned the parents and are now investigating the situation.
Lee pointed out differences between the Chosun Period and the period of Japanese rule of the Korean peninsula.
“Until the 19th century, it was rare for parents to sell their daughters. Repression based on status was very strong. Human trafficking became much more common once the age of industrialization began. The legal proof of this is the licensed prostitution system.”
Licensed Prostitution Brought to Korea.
Lee’s operating assumption in debating the comfort women system under the Japanese military is that, in order to understand the Japanese military comfort women, one must first understand the licensed prostitution system that Japan brought to Korea. He explains:
In 1916, the government-general of Korea instituted regulations governing prostitutes operating out of rented premises. There were already regulations in place for drink-pouring girls and geisha, but the 1916 regulations were the first for prostitutes. This is the legal grounds for parents’ selling of their daughters.
The parents received an advance payment. If the daughter refused to accompany the buyer, then the brothel owner forcibly abducted her. There were 34 of these brothels throughout Korea. The regulations in question were extremely strict in their regulation of these brothels.
Regulations for Licensed Prostitution.
* A number or code is to be displayed at the entrance to each customer room.
* Prostitutes may not be forced into revising their contracts or changing their madams (their geisha houses) against their will.
* No prostitute may be prevented, without the proper authority, from entering into a contract, leaving prostitution work, or communicating or meeting with others.
* Those running rental properties are to keep a supplemental record showing the names of all customers. The police chief is to inspect prior to use, and a record is to be kept of each customer visit.
* The rental property managers are to keep two rental calculation books for each prostitute. One book is to be given to the prostitute. The previous month’s rentals are to be recorded in detail by the third of each month, and these tallies are to be affirmed by the manager and the prostitute both affixing their seal to the books.
* A woman who wishes to begin working as a prostitute must first submit a request form, stamped by both herself and the rental property manager, on which is listed her family registry, address, name, the name she will use as a prostitute, birthdate, and place of business. She must present this form, along with the following documents, in person to the chief of police in order to obtain his permission to begin work.
1/ A letter of consent from her father, mother, or head of household.

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