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For assurance of her and her girls’ protection from ruffians and would-be thieves, she kept a pistol in her nightstand and a shotgun under her bed. It has been asserted by some that the foreknowledge they were there assured that she never had to use them. But there was one time a man decided to rob her at the opening of the establishment one quiet evening. He made it out the door and into his get-away car before Pauline and a couple of early guests shot said get-away car full of holes, and then proceeded to beat the crap out of the would-be thief.
Pauline was a large woman, a reminder to her of her almost fatal bout with typhoid fever. As the years went by, the bulk of that 240 pounds became quite muscular. She never had a bouncer for her establishment; instead, it was reputed she could, and would, throw rowdy men out of her establishment with her bare hands! She was not always strict and tough with the men in her house. When local historian Mary Lucas was doing her research on Pauline, she talked with several men who visited the house on Clay Street in their college years, usually not as clients, but as impromptu chauffeurs for their friends. They fondly remembered playing cards and joking with the madam. who was well-known for her sense of humor.
She kept a milk can that was a silent message to perspective clients. If the milk can was on the porch, she was open for business. If it sat in the driveway, they were closed up and you’d have to come back another time. She was eventually forced to put a chain on the can, because people kept stealing it!
Over the years on Clay Street, Pauline contributed large, sums of money to local charities, particularly buying coats for needy school children, and also funding many local political campaigns to prevent them targeting her. Pauline decided not to reopen her establishment on Clay Street in 1968. The city development project – which planned to build new homes for underprivileged residents – condemned most of the Clay Street area.
Pauline retired in 1969, and her Clay Street home was torn down to make way for progress. When the house came down, the three enterprising young men who purchased it for demolition sold the house a brick at a time as “souvenirs” and even crafted other “keepsakes” from the wood of the house!
Pauline purchased a farm (Twin Oaks) in the nearby community of Plano, on Larmon Mill Road. It was the first registered organic farm in the Warren County area, one of the first in the state. When hearing about the auctioning off of the bricks and other items, she resolved to bring down the whole house of cards, and vividly and candidly shared her memories, successes, and failures, in a book entitled “Pauline’s – Memories of the Madam on Clay Street.” It was published in 1971, to large fanfare and several television appearances.
For the record, where her house was on Clay Street, now stands a feed mill, which has been there for the majority of the years since they tore her house down. The exact street number, 627, is the likely location now beneath the silos of Lowe’s Feed and Grain.
Although Pauline moved to Texas later in her life to be near her son, when she died in 1992, she was brought back to Bowling Green for burial. Bowling Green is today a fairly laid back town, considering one of the state’s universities is here. But a few decades back, Bowling Green was infamous for having one of only a handful of brothels in the state. And the Madam of Clay Street definitely kept it interesting!

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As we all know, East and Northeast India has been hub of Tantric Shaktism ever since time immemorial and the rules of the worship of Devi primarily comes from Tantras.
Unlike male-dominant cults like Vaishnavism, where women are dependent upon their fathers, sons or husbands, Shaktism treats men and women alike and considers women as manifestation of the Divine Feminine:
"vidya: samastastava devi bheda: striya: samasta: sakala jagatsu | tvayekaya puritamambayetat kate stuti: stavyaparaparokti: ||" (Devi Mahatmyah 11:6)
Oh Devi! The eighteen doctrines including Vedas arth thine parts. All women, endowed with thine sixty-four Kalas arth thine forms . Thou alone pervadest the universe from inside and outside as the birth-giver. The literal and esoteric description of the praiseworthy is called eulogy. When thou arth the form of all descriptions, then who arth competent of singing thy eulogy?
Unlike male dominant cults, Shaktism is all-inclusive and acknowledges the Divine even in the so-called ' backward ' classes. That is why Shakta Tantras identify nine classes of women known as ' Kulanganas ' or 'Navakanyas' as the Divine. Women of these nine classes are revered and can become Stri Guru (female Gurus) in Shaktism.
"na?i kapalika vesya rajaki napitangana | brahmani sudrakanya ca tatha gopalakanyaka || malakarasya kanya ca nava kanya prakirtita ||"(Guptasadhana Tantra 1:12)

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