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Children from Bulgaria Victims of Human Trafficking Most Often.
The Sofia Echo, Jun 28 2007.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Bulgarian children are most often the victims of trafficking and Bulgaria ranks as one of the most active human trafficking places in the Balkans. Women and children are taken out of the country and most often forced to work or are used as organ donors, research of Animus association said as quoted by Novinar newspaper.
Shock human trafficking case.
Agence France-Presse AFP, Sofia , April 20 2007.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Ten Bulgarians involved in trafficking women to France to work as prostitutes have been arrested following a joint operation by Bulgarian and French authorities, the national investigation service said Friday.
Between 2002 and 2005, the group transferred at least 105 Bulgarian girls to France and forced them to work as prostitutes, Ivanova said.
Bulgaria to extradite human trafficking suspects to France.
Agence France-Presse AFP, Sofia , April 12, 2007.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
The five men were allegedly part of an organised crime group involved in trafficking Bulgarian women to France , mainly to the city of Lyon , and forcing them to work as prostitutes. They face between seven and 20 years in prison but will most probably be sent back to serve their sentences in Bulgaria.
80 human trafficking cases submitted to National Security Service in 2006.
[Last access date unavailable]]
"Eighty cases of trafficking in human beings from Bulgaria were submitted to the National Security Service in 2006", NSS deputy director Rumen Georgiev said at a press conference entitled “Action against Trafficking in Human Beings”, a journalist of FOCUS News Agency reported. Twenty-two cases have already been closed. “The number of human trafficking cases is higher than the drug trafficking cases”, Georgiev explained.
Human Trafficking Epidemic In Bulgaria.
Make Way Partners, 27 Dec 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Human trafficking and drug smuggling were epidemic in Bulgaria and Romania , Reuters news agency said. Thousands of women, some of them aged only 13, are kidnapped or tempted with offers for well-paid jobs, and sold into prostitution to human-trafficking gangs every year.
Bulgaria, France Crash Human Trafficking Channel.
Sofia News Agency, 2006.
At one time this article had been archived and may possibly still be accessible [here]
[accessed 4 September 2011]
A channel for traffic in people to France has been crushed by the Bulgarian and French police.
Police in Bulgaria’s Russe and French Marseille acted in close cooperation in crushing the channel. Six people were questioned in the Bulgarian city and 5 homes were searched. A total of 20 cell phones, many personal belongings as well as bank transfers documents were confiscated during the search.
How the new Fagins are bringing child slavery to Britain.
Olga Craig, Bojan Pancevski and David Harrison, The Telegraph, 04/06/2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Two years ago, when she was 10, Dochka lost what was left of her innocence when she was sold to a band of child traffickers by her mother and aunt in Bulgaria . Bewildered and terrified, the little girl was transported to Austria, forced to learn the skills of a pickpocket and put to work.
New arrests on charges of human trafficking in Bulgaria.
The Sofia Echo, Jun 05 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
The actions of Bulgarian police were co-ordinated with Italy ’s top anti-mafia prosecutor Piero Grasso, who is head of Italy ’s anti-mafia operations. This co-ordination was a result of Velchev’s and Petkov’s recent visit to Rome where Grasso asked for their assistance in the fight against people trafficking.
Europe-Wide Human-Trafficking Ring Cracked.
Associated Press AP & Reuters, May 29, 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
Authorities across Europe say they have arrested 41 Bulgarians in recent days after Italian police uncovered a trafficking network that exploited hundreds of children. The arrests were in northern Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, and Austria. Italian police say another 75 people have been placed under investigation. Charges against the suspects include enslavement, human trafficking, and drug smuggling.
Corruption and Human Trafficking Hinder Bulgaria ‘s EU Entry.
The Sofia Echo, May 17 2006.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
According to the article, the European Commission report from May 16 meant Bulgaria needed to take urgent action in fighting organised crime if it wanted to join the EU in 2007. The Independent said the report ‘painted and alarming picture’ of Bulgaria as one of ‘Europe’s centres of human trafficking’.
Revealed: kept in a dungeon ready to be sold as slaves.
David Harrison in Skopje , The Telegraph, 27 Nov 2005.
[accessed 24 January 2011]
The women, aged 18 to 24, are from across eastern Europe, lured from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Bulgaria , with promises of good jobs as waitresses, au pairs and dancers. Instead, they have been forced into modern-day slavery in western Macedonia, locked in the dirty cellar and only summoned upstairs by their masters to perform sexual services for customers who are usually drunk and often violent. When they were found, the victims, some of whom had been "broken in" as prostitutes in other countries on the way to Macedonia, barely knew where they were. They had no idea what the future held but knew that it was beyond their control.

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Spirit goes a long way here.
A parting thought: There was a case a year or so back when a good handful of influential gentlemen were caught on house camera repeatedly beating and sexually assaulting a girl. The footage was seized by some rather more shadowy gentlemen whilst in transit from one police station to the other. The tapes were never seen or heard of by a police force again. According to a random man in the street, no security personnel were ever questioned as to the event. Random men in the street often know more than you think.
Why is South Korea the world’s plastic-surgery capital?
“We want to have surgeries while we are young so we can have our new faces for a long time,” one young woman said.
If you want to feel bad about your looks, spend some time in Seoul. An eerily high number of women there—and men, too—look like anime princesses. Subway riders primp in front of full-length mirrors installed throughout the stations for that purpose. Job applicants are typically required to attach photographs to their resumes. Remarks from relatives, such as “You would be a lot prettier if you just had your jaw tapered,” are considered no more insulting than “You’d get a lot more for your apartment if you redid the kitchen.”
South Koreans do not merely brood about their physiognomy. They put their money where their mouths—and eyes and noses—used to be. By some estimates, the country has the highest rate of plastic surgery per capita in the world. (Brazil, if you want the title you’re going to have to lift a few more rear ends.) The United States has sagged to No. 6, though we still have the greatest total number of procedures. It has been estimated that between one-fifth and one-third of women in Seoul have gone under the knife, and one poll reported by the BBC puts the figure at fifty per cent or higher for women in their twenties. Men, by one account, make up fifteen per cent of the market, including a former President of the country, who underwent double-eyelid surgery while in office. Statistics in this field are iffy because the industry is not regulated and there are no official records, but we’ll get to that in a grimmer paragraph.
In January, I spent a couple of weeks in Seoul’s so-called Improvement Quarter. This area is in the high-end Gangnam district, the Beverly Hills of Seoul. I realized that getting stuck in traffic would give me more worry lines, so my translator and I took the subway, which is equipped with Wi-Fi, heated seats, and instructional videos about what to do in the event of a biological or chemical attack. The walls of the stations are plastered with giant ads for plastic-surgery clinics, many picturing twinkly cheerleader types, sometimes wearing jewelled tiaras and sleeveless party dresses, and often standing next to former versions of themselves (“before” pictures)—dour wallflowers with droopy eyes, low-bridged noses, and jawlines shaped like C-clamps. “This is the reason celebrities are confident even without their makeup,” one caption read. “Everyone but you has done it,” another said.
You know you are in the right neighborhood by the preponderance of slightly bruised and swollen-faced men and women in their twenties and thirties going about their business, despite the bandages. Another clue: there are between four and five hundred clinics and hospitals within a square mile. They are packed into boxy concrete buildings that look as if they were all built on the same day. (The area consisted largely of pear and cabbage farms and straw-roofed houses until it was treated to its own speedy face-lift in preparation for the 1988 Seoul Olympics.) Some clinics occupy as many as sixteen floors, and the largest encompass several high-rises. Most are more modest. Tall vertical signs in Korean jut from the buildings and overhang the sidewalk like unwrapped rolls of surgical tape. They advertise the names of the clinics, several of which my Korean friends translated for me: Small Face, Magic Nose, Dr. 4 Nose, Her She, Before and After, Reborn, Top Class, Wannabe, 4 Ever, Cinderella, Center for Human Appearance, and April 31 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. There is also a maternity clinic that specializes in beauty enhancement for brand-new mothers and mothers-to-be.
My translator, Kim Kibum, agreed to pose as a potential patient, and I tagged along with him as we went from one clinic to another, conferring with doctors about possible ways to remodel ourselves. Kibum, a professor at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, visiting his family in Seoul, is thirty-one. He is not considered young for cosmetic surgery, which, like computer coding, competitive gymnastics, and Trix cereal, is for kids. A typical high-school graduation gift for a Korean teen-ager is either a nose job or a blepharoplasty, also called a double-eyelid surgery (the insertion of a crease in the eyelid to make the eye look bigger), which is by far the most common procedure performed in Korea.
“When you’re nineteen, all the girls get plastic surgery, so if you don’t do it, after a few years, your friends will all look better, but you will look like your unimproved you,” a college student who’d had a double-eyelid procedure told me. “We want to have surgeries while we are young so we can have our new faces for a long time,” another young woman said. That is no longer a possibility for me, I’m afraid.

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6 **** Nebraska – Alexander Payne once again delivers a film that expertly mixes the droll pathos of human behavior, affectionate humor and affection and heart without sentimentality. Beautifully photographed in black and white, Nebraska shows us the dogged determination and single-mindedness of old age lapsing into dementia, convincingly portrayed by a gone-to-hell Bruce Dern as a man convinced he has won a million dollars based on a ‘you may have already won’ sweepstakes letter. Too old to drive, he nonethelesss sets off on foot, time and again, to get to Lincoln, Nebraska to claim his prize – prompting his two sons to take action. Will Forte, best known for his sketch comedy on Saturday Night Live, shows equal measures of frustration and sympathy as his younger son, who decides to humor his father and perhaps establish a relationship with him he’s never had. The movie touches many chords having to do with family bonds, and the distance often held in some families. While some have complained that the movie stereotypes midwesterners, I think Payne’s eye shows real affection for the small-town Midwest. Sweet characters are mixed with the sour, and the movie. Edited and constructed with great economy and lovely story-telling, its a fair, and often saddening portrait of aging in America.
7 *** 1/2 Dallas Buyers Club – I tend to be put off by the sentimentality in most movies about the AIDs epidemic and the problems of homophobia and prejudice. But I was totally absorbed by this matter of fact telling of the fight to stay alive by redneck good ‘ol boy, electrician / rodeo hustler, homophobic Ron Woodruff, when he is diagnosed with AIDs. It’s based on the real-life character who created the Dallas Buyers Club as a way to circumvent laws against selling drugs and supplements that weren’t FDA-approved. Matthew McConaughey continues his remarkable streak of performances of the last two years, with this frank, warts-and-all performance. He is almost unrecognizable in his physical transformation to depict the ravages of the disease. He doesn’t soften the character, or give him many likable redeemable qualities. Even though his selfishness and bigotry transforms over the course of the movie its not a sugar-coated awakening, but the natural transition of time and his circumstances. And ultimately, the movie is less about Woodruff himself, than the out of synch agendas of the medical profession, the pharmaceutical profession, and the governments agenda on one side (safety and profitably for all) versus the realities of individuals fighting for their life. Does the government really have the right to bar individuals from doing whatever they want to do in order to stay alive? Why is it illegal to sell medications and supplements that aren’t FDA-approved Woodruff challenges the establishment all the way to court – in his effort to keep himself alive, and ultimately establish his own ‘club’ to offer a researched alternative to the practice of medical trials and approvals. Jennifer Gardner plays a physician caught between both worlds. Is it medically ethical to keep doing clinical trials when they may be harming and killing people in the name of scientific research? Jared Leto also has an effectively showy turn as an infected transvestite who becomes an unlikely business partner of Ron’s. I admired this movie’s frankness and its unwillingness to make a hero out of Woodruff or sentimentalize him — a person who fought the medical establishment largely out of self-interest. Nonetheless, in the course of his efforts at self-preservation and his questioning of authority, – he inadvertantly altered the practice of treated the disease, and saved or extended a number of lives. An interesting story, well-told.
8 *** ? All is Lost – This rather remarkable conceit of a film is an almost wordless screenplay and, as near as I can recall, the first full-length film with a cast of only one person! Directed and written by J.C. Chandor, whose 2011 film “Margin Call” was terrific – this is an amazing followup. It couldn’t be more different in tone, subject matter, or style. What I liked here was the overall economy of the film. After a very short voice over, the film jumps back 8 days in time with the aged Robert Redford awakening on his boat, slowly filling with water. We’re immediately thrust into the situation, and in the course of the next hour and 45 minutes, we watch as he tackles his survival, and the elements that challenge him. The situation is difficult enough, and though a huge storm makes things worse — the screenplay does not pile on every possible bad thing that could happen. It has its hands filled with just showing us the mechanical workings of life at sea – and only hints at a backstory that might explain why this older man is alone on a boat deep at sea. Some viewers may find this too detached and clinical — but I welcomed the avoidance of ‘story’ and the reliance on the visuals, a restrained performance from Redford, and great sound design that creates suspense with every creek and thud. A more ‘down to earth’ variation on Fall’s other great survival drama, “Gravity”.

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At about 100 EGP (US$13), an encounter is something that most employed Cairo men can pay, but it is very expensive, about half of what many bring home each week.
My friends at the hotel explained that its selection of prostitutes is far beneath the Marriott’s, where foreigners stay and have their pick of beauties in the hotel‘s casino.
That is indeed what I saw when I went to the Marriott. After about an hour of playing nickel slots, I managed to cash out the 20 bucks I’d put in the machine and leave with a good sense of the place. Running the spectrum of hair color and body types, a floating array of available females mingled about and seemed available to whomever might be interested.
One would saunter past a man, stop, turn her back to him, and look over her shoulder for eye contact before moving on. A handful sat at the bar, mostly in pairs, before one drifted off to be replaced by another.
Marriott main entrance. Robert Johnson/Business Insider.
In a set of chairs to the side of the casino entrance sat a younger, better-dressed pool of girls. They were different: they had arrived with men on the casino floor or they simply belonged in a different price range.
Over her most recent bottle of Stella, “Megan” asked me how much I’d pay for a night out with an American girl at a nightclub. Looking at my watch and wondering where my driver was, I said, “One hundred dollars.”
She threw her arms in the air, brushed black hair from her face and leveled her green eyes at me.
Guard gate entrance at the Marriott. Robert Johnson/Business Insider.
“I don’t believe you,” she said, in a slurry of Arabic flavored English.
I told her it was true, that I was a poor American who wasn’t even staying in the hotel. “All Americans are rich,” she said. Unsure if I was being serious or simply negotiating, she ordered a shot of tequila and I filled in some blanks.
Megan said her mom left her father when she was 14 and he had wanted nothing to do with her. Alone on the street, she fell in with a man of her own, had a baby, and got married before her man left her.
This is common enough story in that part of the world, and it was impossible to say if it was true. But she teared up. “My mother cared nothing about me,” she said softly.
But then she threw her head back and said she didn’t care, didn’t want to talk about her life, and only wanted to have fun. She normally received $400 per client, she said, though more was not uncommon.
Only once had she not gotten paid. That night, she gave her last hundred dollars to hotel security, had the man beaten up, and walked home. She had no money for a cab, but she said it was the finest stroll she’d ever taken.
She was sitting in the velvet wallpapered bar, empty but for Frank Sinatra’s voice, because as a local she couldn’t enter the casino. The girls by the entrance were for high-rollers, she explained with a mix of bitterness and envy. They were there for sheiks who would think nothing of dropping ten grand on a good time.
My borrowed phone lit up. I looked down and explained my ride was waiting out front. After an awkward farewell, she settled back in the booth to finish her drink.
Marriott pool area. Robert Johnson/Business Insider.
I went back to my more modest hotel and explained to the guys there that the women of the Marriott were nothing special.
I’d promised I’d stop by the Four Seasons Giza, so the following day I did and talked with the poolside bartender about my Marriott experience. Not to be outdone, he told me how it was handled at the Four Seasons.
The main seating area of the Four Seasons Giza. Robert Johnson/Business Insider.
He told me to use my Bluetooth to scan other users and see what came up. The names that appeared left little doubt as to their owners’ intent. We found “Sensual,” whom we watched ride down an elevator, sit with two men, and leave. An Arabic phrase indicating lonesomeness and availability, as well as other less conspicuous names, lit up and dropped off over the course of 10 minutes or so.
Four Seasons pool area. Robert Johnson/Business Insider.
With hotel occupancy down to 15 percent since the revolution, bartenders will tell guests they don’t even know their hotel’s darker secrets. The rooms at the Four Seasons start at a couple hundred dollars a night, and I assumed the girls likely charged about the same as Megan. The bartender then gave me directions to another two locations where I’d find different selections at different times.
The first Bluetooth search pulled up Sensual, who wore sequin pants, and enormous amount of perfume and very tall heels. Robert Johnson/Business Insider.
Prostitution is illegal in Egypt, and charges against women are no joke. The men involved, meanwhile, basically walk away scot-free.
Back at the hotel, a quick web stats search showed a long list of websites devoted to the selling of sex in the city of Cairo. From about €350 (US$450) per hour to multiples of thousands for overnight stays or two-girl evenings, the demand seems clear.
As unseemly as all of this may be, it’s still better than the bogus wedding certificates the country now issues to wealthy Gulf men who “marry” girls as young as 13 straight from their parents homes, and whisk them off for a brief “honeymoon” before dropping them back off with a handful of cash.

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