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plainly based upon anatomical investigation as well as on geometrical discussion. He determines that the retina is the seat of vision, and that impressions made by light upon it are conveyed along the optic nerve to the brain. Though it might not be convenient, at the time when Alhazen lived, to make such an acknowledgment, no one could come to these conclusions, nor, indeed, know any thing about these facts, unless he had been engaged in the forbidden practice of dissection. With felicity he explains that we see single when we use both eyes, because of the formation of the visual images on symmetrical portions of the two retinas. To the modern physiologist the mere mention of such things is as significant as the occurrence of an arch in the interior of the pyramid is to the architect. But Alhazen shows that our sense of sight is by no means a reliable guide, and that there are illusions arising from the course which the rays of light may take when they suffer refraction or reflection. It is in the discussion of one of these physical problems that his scientific greatness truly shines forth. He is perfectly aware that the atmosphere decreases in density with increase of height; and from that consideration he shows that a ray of light, entering it obliquely, follows a curvilinear path which is concave toward the earth; and that, since the mind refers the position of an object to the direction in which the ray of light from it enters the eye, the result must be an illusion as respects the starry bodies; they appear to us, to use the Arabic term, nearer to the zenith than they actually are, and not in their true place. We see them in the direction of the tangent to the curve of refraction as it reaches the eye. Hence also he shows that we actually see the stars, and the sun, and the moon before they have risen and after they have set a wonderful illusion. He shows that in its passage through the air the curvature of a ray increases with the increasing density, and that its path does not depend on vapors that chance to be present, but on the variation of density in the medium. To this refraction he truly refers the shortening, in their vertical diameter, of the horizontal sun and moon; to its variations he imputes the twinkling of the fixed stars. The apparent increase of size of the former bodies when they are in the horizon he refers to a mental deception, arising from the presence of intervening terrestrial objects. He shows that the effect of refraction is to shorten the duration of night and darkness by prolonging the visibility of the sun, and considering the reflecting action of the air, he deduces that beautiful explanation of the nature of twilight-the light that we perceive before the rising and after the setting of the sun-which we accept at the present time as true. With extraordinary acuteness, he applies the principles with which he is dealing to the determination of the height of the atmosphere, deciding that its limit is nearly 58.5 miles.
All this is very grand. Shall we compare it with the contemporaneous monk miracles and monkish philosophy of Europe? It would make a profound impression if communicated for the first time to a scientific society in our own age. Nor perhaps does his merit end here. If the Book of the Balance of Wisdom, for a translation of which we are indebted to M. Khanikoff, the Russian consul-general at Tabriz, is the production of Alhazen, as there seems to be internal proof, it offers us evidence of a singular clearness in mechanical conception for which we should scarcely have been prepared, and, if it be not his, at all events it indisputably shows the scientific acquirements of his age. In that book is plainly set forth the connection between the weight of the atmosphere and its increasing density. The weight of the atmosphere was therefore understood before Tdrricelli. He shows that a body will weigh differently in a rare and in a dense atmosphere; that its loss of weight will be greater in proportion as the air is more dense. He considers the force with which plunged bodies will rise through heavier media in which they are immersed, and discusses the submergence of floating bodies, as ships upon the sea. He understands the doctrine of the centre of gravity. He applies it to the investigation of balances and steelyards, showing the relations between the centre of gravity and the centre of suspension-when those instruments will set and when they will vibrate. He recognizes gravity as a force; asserts that it diminishes with the distance; but falls into the mistake that the diminution is as the distance, and not as its square. He considers gravity as terrestrial, and fails to perceive that it is universal-that was reserved for Newton. He knows correctly the relation between the velocities, spaces, and times of falling bodies, and has very distinct ideas of capillary attraction. He improves the construction of that old Alexandrian invention, the hydrometer-the instrument which, in a letter to his fair but pagan friend Hypatia, the good Bishop of Ptolemais, Synesius, six hundred years before, requests her to have made for him in Alexandria, as he wishes to try the wines he is using, his health being a little delicate. The determinations of the densities of bodies, as given by Alhazen, approach very closely to our own; in the case of mercury they are even more exact than some of those of the last century. I join, as, doubtless, all natural philosophers will do, in the pious prayer of Alhazen, that, in the day of judgment, the All-Merciful will take pity on the soul of Abur-Raihan, because he was the first of the race of men to construct a table of specific gravities; and I will add Alhazen’s name thereto, for he was the first to trace the curvilinear path of a ray of light through the air. Though more than seven centuries part him from our times, the physiologists of this age may accept him as their compeer, since he received and defended the doctrine, now forcing its way, of the progressive de.

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Major groups don’t. Only small businesses do.
Other than them, I have met pure pimps when I was walking near love hotels and soaplands after midnight.
4. Sex Establishments.
It’s a legitimate business. Staff chase profits seriously.
It’s technically illegal. Insiders know that. Gray zones are found in tons of places in Japan where ambiguity counts a lot.
One of the reasons for such ambiguity is due to the national character of Japanese people.
Also, complete crackdowns on the current sex business would make it complete underground. Then, it could get out of hand of the authorities.
As long as the police have control of the sex industry, they can supervise and make minor corrections. Losing control of it would create lawless areas.
People don’t change the way they do things easily because someone tells them to. When something becomes impossible somewhere, one just moves to another place to do the same things.
Worsened security would lead to the downfall of the authority.
The police know the above. So they have tried to maintain the delicate balance to keep it under control.
In this Internet society, almost all of the sex shops have a website. You have easy access online.
More than half of them are described as “herusu” or “health” in English. It’s different from prostitution, because penetration, or putting the penis into the vagina, is prohibited.
In the eye of the law, soaplands just offer help for bathing. It’s nothing to do with sexual action.
Here, other gray zones exist. If you’re interested, find audio files on this website. As an insider, I don’t think I should write it down here casually.
City life Guide in Beijing.
Beijing is the capital of China and it is also the political, educational and cultural centre of the whole China, as the result, this capital city has attracted a lot of people from all over the world to have a visit every year, on the other hand, Beijing had been becoming a main field of sex trade in China, you may find that there are more and more prostitutes in this beautiful city, yet it is everywhere, maybe you can find it in some bars, massage parlors and in some street in the red light district, a high proportion of these sex workers are migrant workers who come from the countryside to Beijing in making much money.
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In Beijing, you may see some women who are heavy made-up, trotting on high heels, while waving you to come over for a quickie, they are the streetwalker who stand on the streets to provide some special sex service, you can find that there are more than 20 street prostitutes in every street in some red light districts of Beijing, are willing to sell some love for the night with you, the prices is not expensive, it almost start at RMB 100 to RMB 300, but you can always negotiate it down, the full service is about 250rmb, when you make sure the price, the woman will take you to her small room where you can get the sex service, if you feel her service was OK, you can give her a tip, they will be very happy for that.
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In Beijing, you will find that most of the Chinese hotels will have some type of massage or sauna place down in the basement, and almost all of these places will perform extra services. These services will range from a hand job to full services, depending on the place and the girl. There are several saunas in Beijing and this can be a nice alternative if you cannot bring a girl back to your hotel. Some of these sauna girl can speak English, sometimes they don’t. for the price, that’s just depending on what type of massage you choose, the general price is from 500 RMB to 1000 RMB, If full sex is not on the menu, but the girl will do it, she will ask you for the extra money, there are many sauna centers in Beijing where you can get the sex service such as Hannashan International Hot Spring Hotel, Regongguan Sauna.
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10 Because white was said to convey goodness and sincerity, Queen Elizabeth I may have chosen to wear it for political reasons, i.e. in order to corroborate her role as “The Virgin Queen” even though she was probably far from being a maiden (Hibbert 68). Likewise, the Pope was notorious for wearing white clothes, also relevant in the Catholic Church because they were used for baptisms, marriages, ordinations and dedications. 12 In times of religious turmoil, the colour white must have had a strong impact on people’s feelings. It definitely had effects on the visual arts since Protestantism advocated plain sculptures, which led English viewers to grow accustomed to monochrome sculpture. Besides, tinges and pigments were (and still are) associated either with light or shadow (that is to say with good or evil) by the Church authorities. Significantly, Morris Palmer Tilley collected proverbs from the 16 th and 17 th century which exemplify the association of evil with its coloured representation. It was not uncommon to hear that “the Devil can transform himself into an angel of light” (Tilley D231) or that “The white Devil is worse than the black” (Tilley D310), or again, that “Vice is often clothed in virtue’s habit” (Tilley V44). According to popular beliefs, the devil disguised himself with a fair face, as is shown by Juliet’s response on hearing that Romeo has killed Tybalt: “O serpent heart, hid with a flowering face” (3.2.73). 13 In early modern England, some colours were thus clearly regarded as devilish. When, in Romeo and Juliet , Benvolio tells Romeo that: “[He] will make [him] think [his] swan a crow” (1.2.89), 14 he successively compares Rosaline to a white bird and then to a black one when he wants to prove her false. Furthermore, he insists on Romeo’s erroneous vision (“you saw her fair” [1.2.96]), underscoring his misinterpretation and the result of resorting to white as a camouflage: facial alterations could indeed indicate fakeness and characterize the devil’s attempt to conceal himself. 15 Hence, the colours perceived by the lover are often biased as in Shakespeare’s sonnet 130, “My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun”, where the speaker relies on a wide variety of colour comparisons in order to debunk the usual Petrarchan cliches. Here, the devilish temptress appears to be characterized by her palette of black and brown.
11 As dark hues can correspondingly describe infatuation and love, white could also connote death. When the dying Mercutio, after being hurt by Tybalt, calls himself a “grave man” (3.1.98), he depicts himself as cold, still and monochrome as if he had already been changed into an early modern tomb sculpture. Likewise, the Nurse describing Tybalt’s dead body recalls: “A piteous corpse, a bloody, piteous corpse – / Pale, pale as ashes; all bedauded in blood, / All in gore blood” (3.2.54-6). In such lines, white and red form a pattern of death and emerge as an unequivocal mix of tragic colours.
16 When Capulet gets angry at his daughter’s refusal to marry Paris, his wife has to intervene as his (. ) 17 See Thomas Wilson, The Art of Rhetorique (1553): “When we heare one saie, such a man swelled, seei (. )
12 Yet, red is actually an unsettled colour. Considered as threatening, it is often synonymous with love, sex, desire, sin, pride, anger, ambition, power, hell and fire in Shakespeare’s works. 16 For instance, when Juliet desperately tries to get some information from the Nurse and harrasses her into telling her what Romeo has just said, the Nurse asks Juliet: “Are you so hot?” (2.4.62) which instils an idea of youth, impatience and sexual arousal through the term ‘hot’, linked to the colour red. In the same way, in The Winter’s Tale , King Leontes, who is much older than Juliet but still impulsive and made angry by the supposed infidelity of his wife, exclaims: “Too hot, too hot” (1.2.110), implicitly refering to red as a negative colour, one of sex and acrimony. A few scenes later, it is Paulina’s turn to associate anger with red, more explicitly this time, as she talks about her “red-looked anger” (2.2.37). Clearly, her fury turns her into a feminine devil. 17 As to Juliet’s nurse, she carries on with her red-hot sexual allusions when she declares: “Now comes the wanton blood up in your checks. They’ll be scarlet straight at any news” (2.4.70-71). When Capulet gets angry at his daughter’s refusal concerning her union with Paris, his wife has to intervene as his rage grows to unexpected proportions. She once more resorts to the symbolical bond between red and anger to tell him off (“You are too hot” [3.5.175]). One can thus notice that the heat provoked by passion is often conveyed by a red face in Shakespeare’s England. In 1571, Thomas Heel noted for example that.
[t]he worthy Philosopher Aristotle, in Methaphoricis uttereth, that the cheeks appearing red above, doe witnesse such a creature to be a drunkarde, or greate drinker of wine: and referred unto the similitude of the passion: in that such which latelye haue bene angred and vexed, appeare of a blushing redenesse, especially about the eyes, kindled and caused in the beginning of the yre. (Heel 117)

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