Girls that go to strip clubs

Girls that go to strip clubs
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Some movies picture high-priced call girls who are well educated, smart, doing the most pleasurable activity in life and makes a lot money. I suppose such exists, but rare. Like in other areas, it takes a smart woman who can be high-up in other walks of life just as well.
(Note: Names are not actual, for privacy reasons.)
Addendum: The above essay is the impression of a first-time prostitute visitor. As such, the reported perceptions may be silly or off from a frequent prostitute visitor or those who work in the sex field. For the ladies out there, I ¦ thee. For more about prostitution, see: Prostitution, Prostitution in Nevada.
A Glimpse Of High-Class Call-Girl Thru Emperor Club Outbreak.
High-class prostitute has always been intriguing to me. Indeed, Wikipedia reports now: Emperors Club VIP. Starting from $1k USD per hour to $3k. I wonder how much percentage the prostitutes themselves get. I’m guessing it varies depends on how the prostitute stroke a deal with their employer, and probably in general a bit less than half.
Their age, is of course young; for example, some are 19. Usually, 19 years-old persons are crass and dumb, how is it then, that these young things manage to maintain a conversation among the power elite, the politicians and businessmen clients?
My guess is that, there are not necessarily that much conversation, or, the Hollywood movies have deluded me in thinking such conversation are necessarily sophisticated or eloquent. A 19 years old girl, by her tender age along, is pure charm by itself to men. Uninformed speech or thoughts add to their character. Also, female are mentally mature very early on. Often, these girls instinctively knew how to lure the opposite sex, and not to talk stupid talk.
addendum: after reading the court documents Source (local copy: 20080310spitzer-complaint.pdf), here are the interesting bits:
The prostitution ring is operated by 4 persons. One boss, who recruit and manage potential problems between prostitutes and clients, and make final decisions. One day operation handler. Seems 2 accountant or travel-arranger that talk to potential clients and the girls. The operations is advertised thru website . There are about 50 girls working for them. These girls become prostitutes by applying for the job. The prostitution is done in about 7 major cities in US and Europe (e.g. NY, LA, Miami, Chicago, SF, London). The girls may also travel to client’s destination. The girls are rated from 3 diamonds to 7 diamonds. The rates are between $1.1k per hour to $3k per hour or higher. In one case, it is indicated that the girl gets 50%. The rate also include a day rate, and a “buy out”, meaning that the client gets direct contact to the girl without going thru the company. One 3-day rate disclosed in the document goes $50k and $35k for 2 girls.
The gross income for the site is said to be more than 1 giga USD from 2004-12 to 2008-01. That’s about 333 mega USD annually, or 913 kilo USD per day.

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