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Hi, I’m a Korean guy.
It seems like there is this idea if a Korean guy asks a woman if she is Russian then they are assuming the woman is a prostitute. I don’t think that is the case. But if a guy asks a woman if she is Russian and talks about money then he’s a douche.
Only if most of the English teachers in Korea were good at Korean and watched Korean TV shows they’ll realize that there are a lot of TV shows focused on interracial marriages (mostly Korean men and foreign women). For some reasons most of the couples those appear on these kind of TV shows are usually Korean man/Russian woman couples.
So I think people are just assuming you are married to a Korean guy. Also, if you live in a small city, they might think you have no reason to be in the town other than being a wife of a local.
Reading your post, I don’t think you guys will ever come to Korea again but if you do and experience the “Are you Russian” thing again, ask them why they think so. I bet it will destroy your affirmation bias.
I really love reading the posts from which is mostly on bashing Korea. It’s really entertaining because most of the people there have no idea what’s really going on but draw their own little conclusion (I’m not being cynical. It’s really entertaining). I think this “Are you Russian” thing is just one of those misunderstanding (or lack of understanding).
FYI, I think most of the Koreans have great respect for Russians and their cultures. Just look at their names! – Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Marx, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Kolmogorov, and etc.
Maybe Putin? Nah…
Thanks for your thoughts! The thing is, I would have NEVER thought that the question “Are you Russian?” had any other meaning than asking truly where I was from, except that Korean friends told me it was probably a veiled attempt to suss out whether I was a prostitute or not. So while I agree with you that there are so many misconceptions, and I agree I am likely guilty of that as well, Korean women are the ones who told me the meaning of this question. Also, so many other white women I knew in Korea had similar experiences, sometimes followed by questions about payment, etc. (like you said) that made the meaning more clear. So yes, while probably not every man asking this means that, I do think that some of them do. But your point about maybe them wondering if I was married to a foreigner is interesting, I never considered that. And yes, is really bad about Korean bashing! I always wondered if everyone on there seemed to hate Korea so much, then why did they stay?? Again, thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!
Filipino and Russian women are trafficked into Korea to serve as prostitutes, thinking they are going there to work in entertainment and make money. They are indebted to their agents/traffickers and so have to resort into prostitution. This might be why you are asked this question. You should be more aware. It’s not about you it’s about the culture of trafficking in that country.
Hi Tim, thanks for reading. I know it wasn’t about me, this piece was meant to be light hearted. I never meant to make light of a terrible situation like trafficking though, and I’m sorry if it seemed that way.
Hi Andrea:D I’m just one of the normal korean girl.first, I want to say to you that i’m sorry for what happened to you ?? but it’s true that many korean guy(about 60%) buy a woman for sex. they call caucasians white horse and they want to have sex with causcaians. Plz Don’t hang out or date with korean guy. if you date with korean guys and want to break up with them, they will try to harm you. almost korean womean has been forced to have sex. and we have been suffered dating abuse.
First of all I’m sorry for what you experienced. As you’ve seen on some of the above comments from Korean men, they DO NOT know how embarrssing and insulting it can be to a woman. Take it as a compliment because you were pretty enought to be taught as a Russian prostitute? Bloody hell! Korean men have a sexual fantasy of white women being blond and having blue eyes. They call white women as ‘white breeder(??)’, which implies that they just treat white women sexually and consider them as a trophy wife or girlfriend. In contrast, they do not hide their anger against Korean women who date or get married with white guys. They say all the Korean women dating caucasians are cheap and just played by them. Well I think this biased and distorted view is because Korean men consider women just as a sexual objective…:)
As for the content of your writing, I’m thinking that it is because of the educational level of older generation and also because of stereotyping in human nature.
Younger generation with good education is less likely to categorize or verbally assault caucasian woman or man by saying that. It’s mostly older people who didn’t have chance to get an education and to see foreign people quite often in their lifetime.

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